Why Us

We are thrilled to be considered for your new website. 

You are excited about your new website - so are we! We are experts at development and execution, and we live for this stuff.  With websites across all business sectors, our clients are individuals and businesses, both big and small.

Although we specialize in building beautiful websites at a reasonable price, we can provide everything from design and marketing consulting to workflow automation and custom mobile apps. We are your one-stop-shop for all your needs. No project is too small!

Yep, we can do that

Squarespace is a rock solid platform, and it is perfect for almost any website.  However, it's has limitations -  sometimes another framework such as Wordpress makes more sense for a project.

Suffice it to say, if it can be done in Squarespace, we know how. And, if it can't be done in Squarespace, we'll use the platform that makes sense for your project.

Whether you need a basic website, or a full blown custom project, we have the expertise.

Squarespace Specialist

CPR Digital is one of the original members of the Squarespace Circle, a community for creative professionals who build websites on Squarespace.

We have years of experience on the Squarespace platform and have built hundreds of beautiful, professional websites for our clients.

Take a peek

Here’s a handful of our recent projects. Or, you can browse a larger body of our work.  Feel free to take a look under the hood and kick the tires.











We’ll save you time

We will get you to market faster.  Our extensive development background and history with Squarespace will shave time off your project.  You want and need to run your business, not waste time, and money dabbling in web development.

This isn't our first rodeo

We do it all, whether you are an individual looking start a blog or a business looking to convert an existing site, we are ready for the ride.

We have a solution for every aspect of your project, in design, branding, traditional web development, or another creative aspect.  Pair those capabilities with our Squarespace Credentials, and you are promised a website that looks beautiful, feels intuitive, and performs like it was built by professionals (because it was).

We’re here for you

Websites, like any project, can easily overwhelm an individual.  From start to finish, we have a project plan.  We will provide clear, easy to understand communications regarding your project.  You will never feel like you are in the dark.

When your project is done… we aren’t going anywhere.  Do you want to add to your site?  Did your needs change?  We will be right here if you need us.

Whether you choose to buy hours at our normal price, or select one of our CPR Care ongoing support packages, you don’t have to start from scratch, we’ll be here.


Our Rates

Our estimates are done by the hour.  We have a pretty good idea how long each piece of the puzzle takes.  We will provide you an estimate, with a small range.

We will never lowball a quote, only to deliver a rushed or substandard product.

We will always shoot for the low end of the estimate, but we will never proceed with work that will exceed your estimate.  You will always be in control.


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